Your Agency For Life

When we started our agency nearly two decades ago we had some very clear ideals. Unusual, some critics might say, for real estate.

However we believe that a service so emotionally and financially important to so many people should be a serious profession. We don’t follow these ideals just because we are goody goodies, as we absolutely believe that this way of working produces better results, better prices and better relationships for vendors, purchasers and ourselves.

We did not drift into the property business after trying other things, or because we thought there was a quick dollar in it. This is our career and we’re proud of it.

What we do is very simple.

We believe in openness and fairness. We explain fully the process of buying and selling to all parties. We make sure the vendor and the prospective buyers understand every step of the way. Our aim is to bring them together to a price that pleases them both. We don’t tell one story to one party and another to the other; we won’t exaggerate to the seller and falsely encourage the buyer. We give the same price guide to both.

Whether we recommend public auction or sale by private treaty we make sure everyone has a clear idea of what may happen. Our clients have the right to expect no nasty surprises. Yes, there can be only one winning offer, but we insist on a fair contest with no recriminations.

You may well think this gentlemanly process is much too soft for hard- nosed results.

Not at all. Ask us about the record prices we have achieved by dealing decently with all concerned. We have proved to ourselves, as we can to you, that better service also equals better prices and a better return on

Our very clear ideals have served our clients well. We are pleased to say most of them are now with us for life. They have told us they would want us to sell, buy or manage their next property even if that is years away.

We are happy to wait.

If we haven’t worked for you yet, let’s just say if you do appoint us, we do our job and were not invited back to talk sometime in the future, we would think we had failed.