Auction Forms

Title Description Download
Bidder’s Guide NSW Office of Fair Trading Bidders Guide OFT Bidders Guide
Prescribed Conditions
of Sale by Auction
Terms, conditions & warnings on how to bid at auction Prescribed Conditions of Sale by Auction
Bidder RegistrationBidding Authority
– in person
Bidder registration formRequired letter of authority to authorise someone
to bid on your behalf
Bidder Registration

Bidding Authority – Another Person

Bidding Authority
– by telephone
Required letter of authority to bid by telephone Bidding Authority – Telephone
Bidding Authority
– Corporation, Trust or
Superannuation Fund
Example letter to nominate someone to bid on behalf
or a corporation, trust or superannuation fund
NB: If bidding on behalf of Trust or Superfund
authority should be completed in the name of the Trustee.
Bidding Authority – Company or Trust or SuperFund
Reserve Letter
Residential Property
Reserve Letter for Residential & rural property auction Auction Reserve – Residential
Reserve Letter
Commercial Property
Reserve Letter for Commercial, industrial & retail property auction Auction Reserve – Commercial
Proof Of ID Checklist Required ID checklist for all bidders who wish to register Download