Renting with BHR

For those of you on the hunt for a new home to lease, we have outlined the leasing process in a simple guide for you:

1. Register with BHR 
If you are looking to lease a property and want to be notified with the most up to date quality rental properties available, register with BHR. Our experienced property management team need as much information as possible about the type of property you are looking for and are experts in helping you find your ideal property.

You can either;
– Call our office
– Register for weekly rental updates online, or
– Visit our office

2. The search begins
Visit with a clear understanding of your requirements, BHR can compile a list of properties that match your criteria.

3. Inspect
Arrange a suitable inspection time with the rental agent or visit our web for a list of our open times.

4. Application Process
If you would like to lease the property you have inspected, the agent will provide you with a tenancy application form. You will need to fill this out and usually provide the agent with supporting documentation for processing including:

  • Photo ID – Passport, driver’s license or 18+ card;
  • Proof of present address;
  • Proof of income – including employment details, pay slip, bank statement or a Centrelink letter;
  • Any previous tenant ledger/receipts (if available)

5. What happens next?
The agent makes contact with the owner to discuss the application. The owner has the option to accept or decline your lease offer.

If accepted, the agent will contact you to discuss the monies owing and any special conditions. They will also arrange a “sign up” date and your “move in” date.

6. Entry condition report
You now have 7 working days to complete the entry condition report and return it to your Property Manager.