Let BHR look after your property

We Make Owning Property Easy.

For Principles

principle :: a general truth or rule, a basic belief

BHR Property Management takes the stress out of property investing and affords you with complete peace of mind.

At BHR we offer an unrivalled calibre of service for you and your property. At the core of our philosophy is the fact that each and every property is a precious and personal property that must be cared for and respected. We believe both owners and tenants deserve to deal directly with someone who’s ultimately responsible – someone who’s always contactable and accountable. With BHR you’ll be provided with a Property Manager who’ll know your property intimately, know your tenants personally and be your constant point of contact.

Our Property Managers are specialists in their field and are carefully selected for their experience, dedication, work ethic and expertise.

For Prudence

prudence :: careful practical wisdom or good sound judgement

A BHR Property Manager will do so much more than just collect your rent. We keep abreast of all laws and legislation, find and screen suitable tenants, conduct regular inspections and organise maintenance. Your BHR Property Manager will provide expert advice on increasing the value of your investment, ensure any disputes with tenants are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and provide a tailored service. Most importantly, your BHR Portfolio Manager will ensure to protect your property, increase its value and maximise income – which is ultimately why you chose to invest in property in the first place!

For Promises

promise :: a declaration or pledge that you will do something

We really do treat your property like it’s YOURS!  – that’s the BHR promise. We keep you abreast of what is happening with your property but come to you with solutions not problems.

Not only will you deal with a personal Property Manager, but you’ll receive your rent promptly, have all phone calls returned within three business hours and be kept fully informed.

We’re so confident that we don’t just make promises we offer guarantees. If you’re not delighted within the first three months, and you’re not satisfied with our resolution, we’ll refund our management fees*.

For Perspective

perspective :: a point of view

BHR understands that landlords require different levels of care for their investment. While some need comprehensive management, others may simply want us to find a tenant or collect the rent. At BHR we cater for all scenarios and offer tailored solutions – you won’t have to pay for services you don’t need. Our comprehensive approach includes drawing up Tenancy Agreements, providing detailed Condition Reports, ensuring regular payments and management of arrears, and organising payment of all sundry expenses such as council fees, water rates and strata levies. We’ll undertake regular inspections and market appraisals, lodge rental bonds and liaise with the Tenancy Tribunal if necessary. Whatever your needs, your Property Manager will provide you with customised, practical and accountable solutions every step of the way.

For Prominence

prominence :: the state of being prominent; widely known or eminent

BHR’s innovative and cost-efficient marketing is second to none. We offer professional photography and copywriting packages tailored to ensure your property is expertly positioned and marketed. Our properties appear on placensw.com along with all of Australia’s top real estate portals, including priority positions on Domain.com.au and realestate.com.au. We’ll also promote your property through social media networks including Facebook and Twitter – no other agency can match us for online expertise and exposure.

Our online ‘property match’ system, provides tenants with an easy and convenient way to find a rental property and a valuable tool to help ensure minimal vacancy time. We’re always thinking of fresh new ways to showcase your property.

For Providence

providence :: the careful management of money, in preparation for the future

At BHR we make sure you receive maximum return on your investment. We have an unsurpassed understanding of the local market so we know the achievable rent for your property in all climates. Through regular reviews, we’ll ensure your property’s true value is reflected in its rental yields. We’ll offer advice on how to best present your home to realise its full potential as well as assist with repairs and renovations, large or small, which will be financially beneficial.

For Prosperity

prosperity :: success or good fortune, often in relation to money

The BHR ethos is nothing short of inspiring. We’ll infuse expertise, energy and enthusiasm into the care and management of your property. We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in the local market and send you quarterly reports on property values in your area. We’ll let you know what’s happening in the market before it even happens.

We’re here to help you in all aspects of growing your portfolio from up-to-the-minute research, to financial guidance and advice… we’ll even help you bid at auction. It’s a longterm approach. It’s the BHR promise.

For Priority

priority :: ahead of others, first in line and premium service

Starting with or transferring to BHR is easy – in fact we can do most of the work for you, we can even notify your existing agent – it can’t be any easier.

We look forward to putting you and your property first.