Damien Cooley

Damien Cooley
Damien Cooley real estate agent

When BHR's chief auctioneer Damien Cooley takes the stage and performs an auction his enthusiastic and energetic style immediately sets him apart from the competition.

An exciting talent on the auction podium, Damien is a brilliant auctioneer driven by a determination to achieve the highest possible result every time.

Through his natural ability to command the attention of the crowd, Damien engages each individual and sets the mood by relaxing bidders through his friendly persona, as well as creating an energy that instills a sense of urgency and drives the momentum of the auction.

Damien has a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the auction process. He uses his knowledge and experience to consistently achieve results that exceed his client’s expectations.

He’s known for his integrity and total professionalism – qualities that have become synonymous with BHR.