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Welcome to BHR Your Property Managers for Life. The Eastern Suburbs’ most dynamic & personal boutique agency.

Your Property Management Team: (from left to right): Cindy Tizard, Ivetta Ivanova, Irene Georgias, Vince Mollica (Director & Licensee), Reece Coleman (Director), Andrew Panay, Pina Stivala, Ben Bickmore-Hutt (Director), Daniel Baran (Director), Patrick McGann & Sotiria Athanassiou (absent: Amanda Baker).

In January, leading Eastern Suburbs boutique real estate agencies Bickmore-Hutt Realty and Place Double Bay merged their business operations to come together under the new name BHR Group.

“The merger brings together an unrivalled level of experience and integrity and one of the most experienced sales and property management teams in the East committed to working collectively to deliver outstanding success for clients” says BHR director, Ben Bickmore-Hutt.

“We were both very successful as sole companies and by bringing together our award winning agencies into one boutique agency, we can better manage and diversify our efforts. Having so many talented professionals in our group, there’s always going to be somebody there that’s going to have the answer to any challenge or provide an upgrade to what is currently being done to provide an unrivalled experience and results to our clients” Ben says.

Daniel Baran from Place added, “We’ve known and respected each other for many years and already share many clients that have properties in both the harbour side and beach side areas. We pride ourselves on our reputation for integrity and results, and we plan on being here and keeping that reputation for many more years to come.”

Ben and Daniel are two of the four directors and owners of the new combined agency along with Reece Coleman and Vince Mollica, who will also take on the role of general manager. Ben’s brother and co founder of Bickmore Hutt Realty, Damien also remains actively  involved with the agency.

Reece and Vince noted that the purpose of the merger “is for our clients – to become the Agency for Life for each and every client.”

As Vince puts it “When our clients talk to our people they realise the priceless advantage of experience. From the first meeting they know they are in the hands of people who have actually seen it all before and can chart the best course through any market cycle”.

Reece adds “our clients also benefit from our industry leading digital and print marketing and the finely tuned systems that we developed to protect our clients’ investments and maximise their return. We don’t adopt a cookiecutter approach. We develop specific programs for each property” BHR remains a member of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, Real Estate Results Network and the Leading Property Managers of Australia. Reece also holds a position on the REINSW residential sales chapter for 2012-13.

The BHR Group have been overwhelmed by the support from their clients, with very positive feedback, excitement and all parties looking forward to having their Agency for Life.

Ben notes the four directors had “discussed the merger off and on for a while before it just kind of fell together and now we’re ready to move forward at an accelerated pace!”

We look forward to working with you in 2012 and beyond.








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